2012 A New Year with a New Hope

Well it is the 6th day of 2012. I have decided to start my blogging with a clean slate, although the slate is no longer clean as you may notice.

I am also looking forward to Lunar New Year the Year of the Dragon to begin as well. I am under the Year of the Metal, month of the Metal Dragon. For me this year is going to be an amazing year.

I want to try and keep this blog updated, wishful thinking on my part. I need a place to make my voice heard and to share what I am learning.

My power today lies in change. I am quick, sharp, and ready for assertive, revolutionary or affirmative action.  I overcome obstacles or resolve conflict by getting right to the point, cutting to the chase or confronting challenges head on — even if this means going against the grain. My communication, style or expectation is on the cutting edge and relies on reason, design, the latest craze or facts. It is my honor to protect and defend my perception of truth. I measure twice and cut once. I am empowered by expectation or duty and my virtue is commitment to the greater good

What  can you do with your life has little to do with what’s going on in the world.
And everything to do with what you see as possible.  We need to see that the world is a very large place and we are a part of it, yet we don’t need to allow the world to control our lives. The ancient Toltecs believed that we are each in control of our part of the world, like a dream, we need to master our lives so we can experience new things.


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